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"The AFIFF association family familial insomnia fatale-prion diseases is a non-profit association based in Treviso, which promotes and disseminates knowledge of prion diseases and in particular fatal familial insomnia,,,"
"Familial fatal insomnia is a rare genetic disease due to structural alterations of particular proteins, called prionics, which tend to accumulate in the brain, particularly in the region that controls the alternation of sleep and wakefulness..."
“L'insonnia fatale familiare è una rara malattia genetica dovuta ad alterazioni strutturali di particolari proteine, chiamate prioniche, che tendono ad accumularsi nel cervello, in particolare nella regione che controlla l'alternanza di sonno e veglia...”
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Eventi e manifestazioni

Giornata delle Malattie Rare il 28 febbraio...

The world's largest event for rare, family members, medical and social workers in the sector.

The gift of the exciting images of Angelo Fassina...

A dutiful thanks to Angelo Fassina and her wonderful works on the AFIFF site.
studi e ricerche
Studies and research

Area studies and research related to prion diseases and IFF...

This section will include all the studies and research carried out or still to be defined.
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The presentation of the family association fatal family insomnia...”
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Associazione Familiari Insonnia Familiare Fatale - Malattie da prioni - Unità Operativa 1^ Medicina - Ospedale "Ca Foncello"
Piazzale Ospedale, 1 - 31100 TREVISO Italy - Tel. 0422.322603 - Fax 0422.322314 - e-mail: info@afiff.net
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