The gift of the exciting images of Angelo Fassina

associazione AFIFF

We are pleased to thank Angelo Fassina for giving us the gift of his ability to sink into the depths of imana existence; he let himself be led by thoughts and emotions and he masterfully translated them into the seven works designed to embellish the first page of our site.
Works that well express our reality and allow us to welcome worthily those who come to visit.

Angelo Fassina was born in Piombino Dese in 1925 where he still resides. After the Venetian academic training, where he had as Maestri Pizzinato, Breddo and Saetti, he devoted himself to teaching that gave him the opportunity to experiment with materials and new techniques of expression. In the post-war artistic travail, his first works were of convinced dialogue with his contemporaries, without hiding his sympathies for Sironi, Martini, Morlotti, Carrà, Moranti, Congdon and German expressionism. His vocation to the contemporary did not prevent him from studying with passion the great masters of the past, in particular Cimabue, Giotto, Piero della Francesca and Masaccio. In the last twenty years he has been a religious favorite in the fresco and in the stained glass windows for which he is a particularly appreciated artist.